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Acupressure is another alternative therapy. In this therapy, we use manual, magnet, seed pressure to stimulate exact points on the patient body. It's used for therapeutic effects like a relief of tension or pain.


Acupuncture is another famous therapy. In this therapy, very fine needles are used to insert in the skin at the very specific point of the patient body. Any type of illness like physical & mental is curable in this therapy.


Counselling is an enormous field. In this treatment a clinical psychologist professional discusses, assistance and suggest right direction to resolving of different type of psychological problems of the patient.

Electro Homeopathy

Electro Homeopathy is alternative science to cure patient. Electro Homeopathy is another figure of Homeopathy. Electro Homeopathy is derived from two words 'Electro' + 'Homeopathy', called also Electropathy.


Reiki is derived from two Japanese words  REI (means Divine) and KI (Vital Energy). This is another type of healing technique. In this, Reiki healing or therapist can transfer positive energy into the patient body by touch.

Special Education

Special Education is describing itself, education for special needs children. In the special education, we provide how to accomplish basic need and daily activities for disabled, mental challenges and special need child.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Poonam Ahuja

Great. The therapy really works wonders. I did not believe that things such as color therapy really existed. But having experienced the benefits myself not one but multiple times, I can confirm that it truly works. Dr. Anchal treats patients as her extended family n not just patients.
* * * * *
 S K Naran

The therapy is excellent, but should be done with care and sincerity at both ends. I have been relieved of problems due to this therapy and I thank the Doctor for her humanitarian services with utmost interest.
May God bless her.

* * * * *
Pari Urvi Sahni

This therapy is very Effective. ...great therapy..... I have lot of problems in my body...this therapy improves a lot....Dr.Aanchal treats her patient as family .....
Really this therapy is a magic and very effective....

* * * * *
Ankit Sharma

I visited for my mother treatment related to the eye vision caused due to clot in brain.
Having a treatment of acupuncture, and my mother is feeling magical healing.

* * * * *
Septesh Sharma

This therapy is very Effective. I have BP, Headache and Anxiety problems.
By therapy improves a lot.

Really this therapy is very effective.

* * * * *
Rakesh Ranjan

My child had a Behavior Problem. She got a lot of behaviour issue, after Madam's counsel, she started sitting comfortably even in class. Dr Aanchal Sharma Is Very Good Counselor

* * * * *
Dinesh Sharma

Thanks Dr Aanchal for Geriatric counselling this is very counselling for old age persons like me. Also After family counselling we all are getting very smooth communication among family. Thanks again...

* * * * *
Bhupesh Kumar

Thanks for Child counseling and parents counseling for our child and us. Getting so much improvment in our child. I appreciate your efforts. Thank so much Dr Aanchal.

* * * * *
Anup Trivedi

Dr Aanchal is very good Reiki healer, I have learnt reiki 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree from her therapy centre.
As per experience this centre is best the Reiki healer n training centre in Indirapuram Ghaziabad.

* * * * *
Ashish Kanaujiya

Dr Aanchal is best child counsellor in Indirapuram Ghaziabad. I am seeing ultimate change in my child behavior. This has happened only because of Dr Aanchal.

* * * * *
Pooja Gour

Dr Aanchal is very good child counsellor in Indirapuram Ghaziabad. Also very good family counsellor in Indirapuram Ghaziabad.

* * * * *
Santhosh John

Mujhey pregnancy mai hyper acidity ka problem thi, is key liye mene Dr Aanchal se color therapy ka treatment liya.
Mujhey 2nd day se bahut relief hua.
Color therapy apney aap mai bahut powerful therapy hai..

* * * * *
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